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Angela R. Hughes

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The Once & Future Chronicles

Book 2

Merlin and Elanor are ripped apart after a mortal wound. With the desperate hope she is still alive, Merlin hurdles through time to find her but quickly discovers more than he bargained for in modern day Wales. Hidden amongst the crowded city streets lurk dark shadows and vengeful demons bent on destroying the promise of the new kingdom. Osian’s witchcraft has reached into what remains of the old catacombs of Arthur’s tomb, threatening to stop Merlin from awakening the Once and Future King. What is worse, the dragon’s Magic of Time is unpredictable, and Merlin struggles to find a pathway home—if one even exists.

Elanor’s adopted father, David, points the way to the remnants of the ancient past, while his son Jack is pricked with jealousy, opening a rift that could cost more lives. All hope hinges on surviving these new threats and making their way home. Will Merlin find his true love on the other side of time? And if he does, will he be able to bring her back to Prydain? Together, can they unlock the magic that has imprisoned King Arthur in death all these years? 

Angela R. Hughes creates a masterful ride of twists and turns, taking you to the edge of your seat in her follow-up to Elanor and the Song of the Bard, in Book 2 of The Once and Future Chronicles: Merlin and the Magic of Time.


“Best New Historical Fantasy with a twist on Authurian Legend.”

The Shepherd.com

“I could’t put it down until I finished it. Favorite new author.”

Amazon Reviewer


Historical fantasy author Angela R. Hughes believes in the power of storytelling. Her ambition to write stories that grip and inspire readers has led her to study Celtic Mythology  and live for a time in Ireland, where she fell in love with the history and landscapes of the ‘Emerald Isle,’ Wales, Scotland and England. When she isn’t traveling or researching Arthurian legend, she is chatting with fellow fantasy nerds over coffee or spending time with her family at home in Waco, Texas.

Angela loves to explore the history of Myth and Legend in her fiction stories and has been inspired by the history surrounding the Celts and early Roman occupied Europe. 

She became fascinated by the stories of the Irish saints like Patrick and Columba, and the mythological sized signs and wonders that followed in their stories of renown.

This led her to a love for Arthurian Legend, and how it traced history, and echoed myth, legend and the changing of the tide as Christianity changed the face of  Europe.

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